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Lowest Current Fuel Prices

Save on Aircraft Fuel Prices!

US Patent No. 8,700,249 issued April 15, 2014

Welcome to Max-Trax, the world’s first and only aircraft fuel route-mapping system. Developed by, Max-Trax is an easy and efficient way to improve your aircraft fuel efficiency. By providing a tool that tracks and continually updates aircraft fuel prices, it will help you save time and money each time you use it, regardless of whether you’re dispatching a single aircraft or an entire fleet of aircraft.

Max-Trax is user-friendly and extremely flexible, allowing you to modify your flight plan on the fly. Max-Trax utilizes its own proprietary FBO fuel pricing index of jet, avgas and 100LL fuel suppliers, developed in conjunction with’s Airport Resource Center (ARC) , to display up-to-date* aircraft fuel prices, information on the primary destination airport or alternative airports nearby and details on services and amenities available at each.

Use Max-Trax for all your preflight research. It makes laying out flight routes prior to departure or modifying them once you’re in the air as easy as pointing and clicking. If you need to deviate from your original flight plan enroute, simply rolling the cursor over a new waypoint or keying in the airport identifier or the name of a city is all it takes. Max-Trax will recalculate and display updated, point-to-point routing in a matter of seconds…including the best aircraft fuel prices at the new location.

As aviation fuel prices soar to new heights, Max-Trax can help you stretch your budget by saving you thousands of dollars on fuel purchases over the course of a year. Nowhere else on the Internet will you find a resource specifically designed to help you fly the most efficient routes and refuel at the most economical sites.

*Max-Trax and’s Airport Resource Center require participating FBOs to update their fuel prices at least every 30 days. For real-time information on fuel prices, Max-Trax and the ARC also provide phone numbers for each participating supplier.

Average Fuel Prices

For the latest Average Fuel Prices by region for JetA and 100LL, visit the Airport Resource Center at receives its data from NOAA, NWS, FAA and NACO and strives to maintain current and accurate data. However, cannot guarantee the data received from these government sources is accurate or complete. As a result, you should not rely solely on the data available on this site in planning any flight. You should always become familiar with all available information concerning your intended flight and have in your possession all current, appropriate charts, as required by the Federal Aviation Regulations. Prior to each flight, you should always obtain an official (FSS, DUATS etc.) current flight briefing including weather and NOTAMs for your intended flight.

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